Case Name: BIG Carnival
Time: 2017.4
Partner: banana entertainment (Wang Sicong)
Type: Interactive device

dance room

Liu Ting

The dance studio is a combination of real-time new media images and sound interactive works. Showing a immersive interactive experience, in the space to form a virtual stage. The use of programming to form two mirrors of the infinite loop, so that the audience involved in the work of the excitation and linkage, to see their own dynamic images from the generation to be infinite copy, until the abstract. The image extends the viewer’s motion image infinitely, while delaying the stretching of the stretched space. The whole work is like a dipping type of self-dialogue space, so that the audience can see the infinite possibility of conversion with the abstract form, stirring the blue water off the point. At the same time the dynamic behavior of the audience video ups and downs, complete a real-time arrangement.