Utopian Group

The Utopian Group has been initiated by artists Dafei Deng and Hai He in the year of 2008. Series of artistic projects were successfully carried out thereafter, including the one-year session of Family Museum , UK-based the Palace of Puzzle, and organization of 798 Art Festival for sake of artistic cultivation. Utopian Group creation is based on reflection of self living condition mingled with cultural research approaches, in order to give an account of reality out of universal ideal expectation, thus drawing art inspiration with imagination. The two artists, well equipped with sense of experiencing, have been travelling around the world to obtain a deeper investigation of real life. The ideal of utopian is rooted in Utopian Group art creation with varying presentations according to changing times. Utopian Group strives for spiritual enlightenment embodied in art works. In the meanwhile, Utopian Group has been working on publication of related theoretical books.