ISY Sanya International Music Festival

ISY三亚国际音乐节 Art C is committed to cross-border exploration based on its rich and excellent art industry resources, keen and precise industry insight. In the form of innovation, art resources and industrial projects are butted, through a perfect project coordination system, breaking the inherent boundary of the industry, and cooperation with different fields. In this Sanya…


案例名称:二次空间——当代新媒体艺术展 时间:2017.12.10—2018.2.10 合作:西安迈科商业中心有限公司 类型:新媒体艺术展 二次空间——当代新媒体艺术展 参展艺术家:曹雨西、陈浩洋、高伟刚、姜波、田晓磊、王满、王权、王煜、许仲敏、应歆珣、张颖、郑达、郑路、周文斗、Jessy Jetpacks、SAMAS “二次空间——当代新媒体艺术展”汇集多位艺术家的重要作品,包含静态装置、影像装置、机械装置、综合绘画等不同艺术形式,突破艺术的实验性,讨论空间的可能性,研究多种媒介途径的创作原型,将在新科技和媒体影响之下的文化现象呈现在大众的视野中,思考新科技与媒体对人们的思维方式与存在方式的影响与改变。不论艺术家从何种形式、材料、观念出发,都是对自身本源的不同程度探索。 现实世界的科技高速发展,数据不断累积,引起科技大爆炸而映射构建出了“二次空间”。它存在于现实世界周身,依托于现实世界,既无所不在,又虚无缥缈;既基于物质实体,又不存在物质实体,是非实体所存的世界。它为人类提供了可能性,但同时又潜伏着危机与种种不确定 伴随二次空间的产生,艺术家利用它为深刻、自由的艺术创作提供更多可能性,将其发展为自我观念表达的方式,通过多种实验寻找语言途径。


Talk on the 7th The works extend the theme of “seven days”, and the concept of light, shadow, water, fire, wind, mine and earth is achieved through seven elements to achieve seven different forms of interaction. As a gateway to the spiritual journey, will achieve different forms of visual and spiritual individual experience.


hot Use the interactive device on the desktop, let the work notice control device, can achieve the simulation of the artist’s creative process. The painting on the shelf and the new media art perfect combination of organic.


The door to the future Applicable environment: shopping mall / square; SAMAS will be mechanical, lighting, holographic images combined in the city has been intelligent digital depth analysis and reorganization of today, intelligent life, smart city has penetrated into every person’s life bit by bit. How to a traditional static display of the main form…


Self-virtual Applicable environment: shopping mall / square; Participants can transmit their own facial expressions to the large screen through a face-scan device, and the facial expressions at the top of the screen will change as the participant’s expression changes.


Surgery Wu Bo The work uses the local soil, vegetation, water, etc. to build a concentration of local ecological micro-world. The work consists of 12 empty balls of different sizes, and the material of the sphere is made up of locally collected waste and sludge. The surface of the masonry is attached to the moss…


Cartesian Wu Bo Works inspired by the home of the metal alarm clock, the necessities of my life, ringing sounded, always make me feel claws touching, painful. When the ringtone stopped, it was dead, as if it had just been sailing through the calm after the waves in general. And I enjoy this calm, it…

The freedom of the machine

The freedom of the machine Zheng Da 3.6-meter LED cube, 140-meter-long LED light band, including 8400 lamp beads, 2200 meters of data lines and 256 decoders. When the viewer touches the light device “the free language of the machine”, the heartbeat of the touch is captured by the light device, which drives the animation of…